London Wine Trade Fair - 1994
Tuesday, February 5, 2013 at 9:05PM
Linda Johnson-Bell in London Wine Trade Fair

As I am researching my new book on Climate Change and Wine, I am digging out my old tasting notes to track alcohol levels and style changes. But here is a random selection ...

London Wine Trade Fair, Olympia May 1994 - a few found notes


1990 Château de Rully, Antonin Rodet, rouge

Dreadful. And normally I love their wines. This is unfocused, a mess.


1989 Château de Chamires, Jouennes d’Herville

Not to my taste: a frothy cocktail of pepper and horse manure.


1993 Les Vignerons d’Igé à Macon

Le blanc … average acidity and structure. A clean, simple wine, nice.


1992 Les Vignerons d’Ige

The same wine as above but vinified en fût. Not bad, but there is not enough fruit to carry the oak. Better without.


1993 Les Vignerons d’Ige

Le rouge – but Gamay, not Pinot Noir. Nice robe, fresh and vif. Light but well-made structure.


Some New World wines …


1991 Stoneleigh Cabernet Sauvignon, New Zealand

Wow. Hate New Zealand wines normally. Hate Cabernet Sauvignon on its own. But love this.


1992 Montana Marlborough Cabernet, New Zealand

Restrained, elegant, better than expected. OK.


1989 Château St Jean Cabernet Sauvignon, Sonoma, California

Lovely red fruit, oak programme just right- perfectly balanced, structured and well-made.


1990 Palmer Merlot, Long Island, New York

OK. Dry and unyielding. No texture or complexity.

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