Dinner at Tanis' flat, Paris ...
Friday, November 4, 2011 at 11:24AM
Linda Johnson-Bell in Misc notes from Dinners and Lunches


Dinner with my best and oldest girlfriends from our Paris Passion Magazine days (late 80’s) at Tanis’ house near la Bastille. She made the most stunning feast, a perfumed orgy of Middle-Eastern spices and textures. We started, as we always do, with Champagne and then I brought two wines…and as delicious as the Barolo was, it was too austere for the meal…it needed the Amarone which was a perfect compliment … for the heavy spices and textures.


2006 Barolo Oddero

Well-made … still young. Nose is clean, fresh with notes of leather and spice. Well-balanced fruit and oak…powerful and structured.


2008 Amarone Classico, Cantina di Negrar

Opulent and appealing. A touch too sweet…needed more structure to carry the fruit and the finish could have been longer, but it is a very attractive and personable wine- made you easily forgive its slight faults.


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