Ellis of Richmond tasting: Portobello Gold, London
Tuesday, November 15, 2011 at 11:45AM
Linda Johnson-Bell in Portobello Gold

David Azam has been my husband’s wine merchant for years…since the Portobello Gold first opened in the mid 1980s, David was with Heyman Barwell Jones. But Coe Vintners took them over last year and the list and the service has just plummeted in terms of quality. David left and is now with Ellis of Richmond, and he is much happier….as is husband. I don’t get too involved in the wine selection at the Gold because I get upset when I spend all my time in Italy and France, drinking nectar at 8-12 euros and get home to the UK and have to drink international, mass-produced crap for 8-12 pounds. Really drives me mad. Anyway…here is a small list of some of the little gems he brought over for us the other day.

(www.ellisofrichmond.co.uk) David did not put the vintages on the tasting sheet and I forgot to mark them, so I wil add them later or just know that the current vintages will be those in the on-line catalogue.


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