Osteria Al Carroarmato, Verona, Italy
Tuesday, October 11, 2011 at 10:57AM
Linda Johnson-Bell in Veneto


Arrive in Verona late…meet my friend Patricia Guy for dinner at her local Osteria, Al Carroarmato. This is the place that she and her husband Michael call "home" ... their daily watering hole. the owner was a witness t their wedding.  I met Patricia when judging at Vinitaly last year. I was hobbling to the bus in high heeels and she was amused...until I pulled out and slipped on my super slick black leather shoes from Venice: perfect walking shoes. She had a very similar pair and we bonded over footwear...as real women do. Later, when I caught her name ... I realised that  we’d both contributed to a book together (Wine Tours of the World ...available on Amazon ..wink wink nudge nudge).  Patricia is my authority on Italian wines, period. The meal began with a refreshing Spritzer of white wine and Campari – it is boiling hot today…

Then, antipasti of artichokes and courgettes and aubergine …then the house’s home-made tortellini …so thin they were translucent … with a sprinkling of fresh sage and a drizzle of butter. And although it is not quite appropriate to drink a heavy Amarone with this…Patricia allowed me to ….and chose for me…Zanoni’s Amarone. Perfect.

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