Bollinger La Grande Annee 1997
Saturday, January 1, 2011 at 11:12AM
Linda Johnson-Bell

Bollinger La Grande Année 1997

Perfectly balanced, harmonious and classic. The 1997 is probably a majority of Pinot Noir (65%), the rest is Chardonnay. And this vintage used 75% of grapes issued from grand cru vineyards and 25% from premier cru. I always prefer Pinot Noir-dominated champagnes. I think they have more body, complexity and drier fruit. Tasted at home: served with a brunch of Eggs Benedict, scallops and creamed leeks in angel hair pasta and assorted left-over canapés. Hang-over cured! This nectar was a cacophony of grilled brioche with salted butter and apricot jam, hazelnuts, retro-olfactive explosion, vanilla milkshake, a perfectly-tuned piano, dried provençal herbs, brunch on Europa & Regina’s terrace on the Grand Canal.


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